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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who owns Advanced Markets (U.K.) Ltd

The Company is privately held. Outside investors include Macquarie Americas Corp Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Macquarie Bank) and BGC Partners.

What is Advanced Markets' address in the U.K.?

Advanced Markets (U.K.) Ltd

4 Lombard Street

London, EC3V 9HD

Can I open a Retail account with Advanced Markets (U.K.) Ltd?

No, we only accept Professional and ECP Clients.

What do I need to provide in order to open a trading account?

You will need to complete an Advanced Markets (U.K.) Ltd account application form (here) and submit that along with a valid photo ID, a current proof of address, an MiFID Investor Questionnaire for Professional Clients and complete corporate articles if you are opening the account on behalf of a corporation.

What is accepted as a valid proof of address?

Proof of address can be provided in the form of a utility bill, credit card statement or bank statement issued within the last 3 months.

Does Advanced Markets (U.K.) Ltd offer trading via both API and GUI?

Yes. In addition, those clients choosing to trade primarily via our API are automatically provided with GUI access that allows them to place, or close out, trades in the event that they experience an issue with their internet connection.

When reviewing "market depth" in a particular instrument on my GUI will I be able to view the actual name of the bank that is providing each price?

No. At the request of our institutional liquidity providers we will not show the actual name associated with each price. Bank names are shown as “Bank 1”, “Bank 2” and so forth.

What is the maximum leverage offered?

50:1 (2% margin) for most currency pairs, CFDs, metals and energies. Please note that the leverage mentioned above should only be used as a guideline and not viewed as margin policy.

Where is Advanced Markets (U.K.) Ltd regulated?

Advanced Markets (U.K.) Ltd is registered with the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) License # 777739

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